Techno Plast

Distribution manholes
The polyethylene manholes made by TECHNO-PLAST are produced using the rotational method of polymer casting and they are designed to be embedded within the construction of cable, telecommunication, gas-distribution and other engineering networks.

The manhole consists of two types of rings – main one, with internal diameter up to 800 mm and height 540 mm, and auxiliary one – with height 80 mm, which is used to fix the installation of the cover on the manhole, made of polymer-concrete supplied by „Orvitex Industries” Ltd.

The manhole and the cover are freely laid on a concrete (polymer-concrete) foundation, sitting on a sand bed, inside a pre-dug excavation.

The thickness of the main ring (the manhole) is 10 mm, and of the auxiliary – 8 mm. The height, diameter and thickness of the manhole can be changed, depending on the requirements for intended use, load-bearing capacity, installation and other.

TECHNO-PLAST OOD has the necessary equipment to manufacture manholes with different dimensions, the maximum of which can have diameter up to 1800 mm and height up to 1900 mm.

For diameter of 800 mm and height of 540 mm, the load on the manhole’s cover was defined to be 1250 kg. Since the load is usually irregularly distributed along the periphery of the cover, at a certain section (up to 1/8 of the periphery) its value can be 50% higher than the one for regular load distribution.

For wall-thickness (δ mm) and internal diameter of the main ring (the manhole) of 800 mm, we can obtain:
δ 10 12 15 20
Dcp. mm 810 812 815 820
F см2 254 305 383 514
load 100% kg/cm2 4,9 4,1 3,3 2,4
load 150% kg/cm2 7,4 6,1 4,9 3,7

These values cannot cause deformations at the contact areas or affect the straightness of the cylinder of the main manhole.

– No construction works are needed (reinforcement, formwork, masonry and concrete);
– No time is lost to wait for the concrete to cure;
– the possibility of overuse or omission of construction materials is completely ignored;
– After completion of the excavation, the individual operations like: laying of the sand-bed; fitting of the bottom plate, the main ring (the manhole), the cover and the small ring; backfilling and tamping, are performed for not more than 1 hour;
– Drilling of the openings (∅ 32, ∅ 40, ∅ 110 or other) in the wall of the manhole is done prior to or during installation, using milling drill bits. This operation is quick and easy;
– Fitting-out of the polyethylene manhole with high-quality bottom and cover supplied by „Orvitex Industries” Ltd., will lead to introduction of an article of extreme reliability and minimum 30 years of warrantied service period.