Techno Plast

Food product containers
The containers for storage of food products manufactured by TECHNO-PLAST are designed for storage and transportation of liquids, powdered or fine-grained non-abrasive materials with specific weight of up to 1,1 ton per cubic meter, within the temperature range of -30 through +50 degrees Celsius. They have a broad spectrum of application in the food industry, wine production and many other fields.

The containers, moulded using Dowlex polyethylene supplied by Dow Chemical Company, have high corrosion resistance and can be used for storage and transportation of food and drinks, as well as of other organic and inorganic substances of acid, alkaline or neutral nature. They can also be produced using the “Sclair” raw material – supplied by Du Pont Inc., Canada or Stamylex – supplied by DSM in the Netherlands.

The containers’ capacity varies between 30 and 10 000 litres. They meet all national and European standards for vessels, designed for the food industry. TECHNO-PLAST is holder of a Sanitary Permit 47-22ХТ-01614/15.06.2001 issued by the Ministry of Health.

The correct use of the vessels ensures their not less than 30 years of service life.