Techno Plast

TECHNO-PLAST Ltd. is a company specialized in production of large-size, polyethylene items manufactured by the rotational casting method and in design and construction of the technological lines, necessary for their production. The company offers a rich selection of containers, distinguished for their high quality of workmanship and long service life, within which they can be repeatedly used. The containers are suitable for storage of food, fuels, chemicals and waste waters.

TECHNO-PLAST’s product range is complemented by the production of fuel tanks. These are used in the contemporary production of motor vehicles, tractors, fork-lift trucks, etc.

Here you can also find water-meter, gas-distribution, cable and other types of polyethylene manholes. We will also provide you with assistance in the design and construction of technological lines, as well as in the manufacture of local and modular treatment plants.

The vessels have capacities of up to 10 000 litres and can be used for:

– storage and transportation of water, liquid, powdered or granulated food products;
– storage and transportation of a broad range of products from the chemical industry;
– storage capacities for domestic needs;
– storage capacities for industrial needs;
– storage capacities for the agricultural needs;
– Diesel fuel tanks;
– construction of domestic waste water treatment plants, servicing single-family and multi-family buildings;
– construction of modular waste water treatment facilities – Type SBR 12-20 and Type Biofilter 12-30, designed to service up to 120 people (population equivalent – PE)
– manufacture of domestic waste water treatment modules with capacity up to 10 000 PE

The items represent vessels, drums, tanks, containers and other products with capacity from 100 to 5 500 litres, and their shape and size are defined by drawings and the company catalogue.

All items are made of high-quality polyethylene supplied by the companies DOW CHEMICAL – USA, RESINEX – Belgium and others.

The manufacture process is accompanied by a high level of technological control, ensuring the following quality parameters of the items:

– guaranteed leak-tightness;
– uniform wall thickness;
– lack of welding seams;
– lack of inner stresses and high strength parameters;
– small dead weight;
– not subject to corrosion;
– not affected by high and low atmospheric temperatures and direct solar radiation;
– suitable for multi-purpose and multiple use;
– the products stored within do not change their taste and biological characteristics and are guaranteed against any mould formation, decay processes or harmful bacteria accumulation;
– high-level of wall smoothness, allowing quick and easy cleaning;
– long service life – not less than 30 years;

All items are accompanied by the respective certificates:
– certificate of quality – ISO 9001:2008, issued by TÜV Rheinland
– certificate for storage of food products, issued by the Ministry of Health
– certificate for storage of Diesel fuel, issued by the Directorate „National Service for Fire and Emergency Safety (NSFES)“ at the Ministry of Interior
– warranty certificate for 30 years of service life

TECHNO-PLAST Ltd. enjoys the official status of an institution of high prestige and public recognition in the sphere of Bulgarian economics. The company was awarded the Golden Stamp and the Golden Book by the Council of Europe’s Business Community.